During an online training session, on 25th & 26th May 2021, at the Université du Luxembourg for future teacher students, Gilbert BUSANA, Chris KRIER and Robert REUTER presented a selection of pedagogical resources available on the market that can be used in classrooms to develop computational thinking skills.

These resources can roughly be divided into 3 categories: unplugged learning materials, learning materials requiring electricity but no computer screen and learning materials running on computers with screen.

Here is a list of the specific resources that were explored and described:

  1. CS unplugged
  2. Video: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
  3. Robot Turtles
  4. Code Master
  5. Gravity Maze
  6. Hello Ruby Books
  7. Code & Go Robot Mouse
  8. Cubetto
  9. Osmo Coding & Coding Duo
  10. Ozobot
  11. Root Coding
  12. Chrome Music Lab
  13. Scratch & Scratch Jr
  14. Swift Playgrounds

Here you can find systematic analyses of these different educational resources:

Repository of analyses of existing pedagogical resources