On top of providing teachers with a referential of competencies (plus glossary and examples), and ready-to-use pedagogical scenarios, PIAF also compiled a list of resources to help teachers to better understand the inners of CT, and to guide them through the design of their own pedagogical scenarios.

On this page, you will find a list of such resources, including :

  • a video presentation of some selected tools (courtesy of University of Luxembourg)
  • a guide to help teachers to choose class materials / activities (hereafter named tools)
  • a repository of analyses of existing tools
  • a diagram, created from Morganov’s matrix, proposing an order in which the competencies of the PIAF referential could be addressed in basic education
  • a programming interface (please use Google Chrome)

See also

Please note that other useful resources may be available in German or French. Please have a look at the corresponding pages in French or German. For some of the videos, it is possible to choose German or English subtitles.

Examples of such resources include: